Haley Cornelius, Advanced Stylist

Hailey is vivid–both in terms of her personality and her specialty as a stylist. She is Jackalope’s vivid & fashion color specialist.

Hailey graduated from high school while taking a joint cosmetology program. She apprenticed at Jackalope which allowed her to attend some of the top education programs in the nation. The apprenticeship is where Hailey fell in love with the Jackalope culture. “We are a community. Our clients find connection with one another, and as stylists we help one another out. There is no dark drama. You don’t find that in most salons.”

Hailey’s creativity always shines through and she loves doing trendsetting vivids and daring color corrections while making sure each cut fits her client’s lifestyle needs.

You may or may not be surprised to know Hailey owns a bearded dragon and is “way into taxidermy”. Strange but true.