Jillian, Salon Coordinator

Jillian serves as Jackalope’s Salon Coordinator. What does this entail? She handles everything from scheduling, cleaning and even some of the social media marketing. Most of all, Jillian is the glue that holds everyone together. If you’ve met her, then she’s been responsible for making you smile.

Jillain loves serving people. She loves the Jackalope environment because, “We bless our clients. We’re like a family when you sit in our chairs, open and honest.”

Jillian’s primary role is to get Jackalope’s clients booked efficiently—which she does well—in order to free up the stylists to do what they do best.

She is focused on exceptional client service.

If you call her any name starting with the letter J, she’ll probably laugh and answer as she was one of SEVEN siblings whose names all started with J. They just didn’t have their own TV show.

Her laugh is infectious, even though it may explode at awkward moments.