Kristina Koch, Advanced Stylist

Kristina grew up in the cosmetology industry, literally. Her mom cut hair in a side room in their house for most of her childhood. After a short stint delivering exceptional customer service at a local coffee house, she realized her calling was to be a stylist.

She completed her coursework at Toni and Guy and became the very first to complete Jackalope’s Apprenticeship program. Kristina says that being the first apprentice was “way crazy. It was a bit like being thrown to the wolves, but it was great as we were all learning together.”

Kristina favors more natural looks and is Jackalope’s resident Balayage Queen. Sun-kissed and “beachy”, as well as classic colors are her forte’.

Her co-workers describe Kristina as a kind peacemaker. Many of her clients are surprised to find out how musical she is. If you get lucky, maybe you’ll be serenaded during your cut with a few grunts thrown in for good measure.

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