Morgan Snow, Master Stylist & Owner

Morgan is one of the founding owners and Lead Stylists/Educators at Jackalope. She has been passionate about hair from an early age. Graduating from Ogle, and then apprenticing at an Aveda salon in Southlake prepared Morgan to begin her career as an independent stylist. She is Jackalope’s expert at creating short hair trends with a unique approach to texture that is truly one of a kind.

Morgan is focused on what the haircut means to the person as a whole.

“The most energizing part for me is allowing creativity to flow while designing a unique element of the haircut and style that is a perfect compliment to an already beautiful person. I feel most passionate about hair when connecting to a client and how their style helps to shape their confidence.” 

As a Mother to 4 children, and an assortment of wild-life Morgan still finds the time to make sure that her skills are rarely outdone.  Those in her chair always leave having felt invested in, and now more confident.

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