About Us

As longtime friends, the Snows and Cobbs joined forces to create Jackalope Beauty Lounge. With 20+ years of salon experience coupled with 20+ years of business experience this team of owners had a very specific vision in mind: to create an environment that was inviting, encouraging, and inspiring to everyone involved. They succeeded. When the Snows relocated to the Hill Country, the Cobbs took over full ownership and continue to build on the culture of Jackalope’s formative years. 

“We’re a boutique salon with a hip and relaxing environment that sets trends and stays in the know about the latest in style. We serve down-to-earth ladies & gents who appreciate a trendy look.”

They achieved their vision by building a gifted team who is passionate about the craft, and value their clients while placing high priority on continuing education. Salon education is the key, and the apprenticeship program is the foundation.

“If we started our own salon we felt we could create a healthy salon culture, bring other stylists on, and replicate Meghan and Morgan’s talent”, stated Co-Founder Aaron Snow.

So, we do things differently.

Similar to the unique and mythical animal of Texas lore, Jackalope takes a rare approach to its label as a “Salon.”

When you walk into Jackalope, we strive to provide a unique experience. Located in the heart of old town Keller, and built in the 1950’s the character of Jackalope is evident immediately. Their stylists care and are completely committed to turning your ideas into a reality and your personality into a style. It’s a place of relaxation, perfect for coffee in the morning, wine in the afternoon, or a whiskey in the evening.

The salon industry is notorious for being brutal on stylists, and that is not how Jackalope rolls. We work hard to cultivate an environment that encourages creativity and personal growth, along with a strong work-life balance. Sound different yet? Just think about the degree of attention you will receive from a stylist with a well-rounded outlook on life and creative freedom to achieve your goals.

Simply put, we believe you will be most satisfied when you are served by a stylist who truly cares about you as a person.

Jackalope stylists love their place of work and long to serve their clients. A stylist who cares about the person in their chair means a client who leaves feeling transformed…and comes back for more.

Just take a look at what their clients have to say:

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