The Jackalope Apprenticeship Program

Seize opportunity.

Jackalope Beauty Lounge offers a comprehensive apprenticeship, where you can hone your skills and a get your foot in the door of a chic, down to earth salon that prides itself on unparalleled relational client services.

Owner Morgan Snow notes, “For both our apprentices and full-time stylists we hire good people first, and then train on skill. We can teach you the skills needed to thrive as a stylist, but training someone to be a good person is another matter. We are looking for good hearted, talented stylists.”

Through the Jackalope apprenticeship, our students learn how to become a thriving stylist from A to Z. You will come out of your experience knowing how to effectively communicate with a client, conduct a successful consultation, and deliver top-notch services while guaranteeing that client leaves smiling.

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Hailey’s Apprenticeship Story

Even as a child, Hailey knew what she wanted to do in life–become a stylist. During high school there was a unique program which allowed Hailey to graduate as a licensed cosmetologist. She finished her degree but wondered if she had received the same education as someone going through a more recognized, post-high school program. The Jackalope apprenticeship seemed like a perfect next step to find the answer.

Hailey applied and was accepted into the 6-month apprenticeship. That is when she says her real education began. She had her basics down, but training at Jackalope helped hone her craft with hands on instruction on advanced applications. She attended numerous hair shows where she learned techniques from world-class stylists that are not taught in school. “I sat under some of the top stylists in the industry. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the Jackalope Apprenticeship.”

“They definitely taught me to connect to a client, and to hear what they want. Stylists tend to not ask all the questions needed,” Hailey noted, “I learned that communication and connection were vital including things like figuring out their lifestyle, the time they have available for daily hair preparation, and when they workout.”

While the apprenticeship was intense, Hailey noted she developed professional friendships with the Jackalope Beauty Lounge owners. “They are not bosses so much as they are leaders. They get their hands dirty right alongside us.”

As for the results, Hailey couldn’t be more excited. In addition to top notch education she is, only two months after completing the apprenticeship, booked 4 to 6 weeks in advance. This is rare for a stylist at this stage in their career. Her clients love her and what she does with their locks.