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Meghan Cobb, Master Stylist & Owner

Speciality: Complex Colors & Transformations
Unique Fact: Obsessed with all things Gymnastics
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Morgan Snow, Master Stylist & Owner

Speciality: Short Hair
Unique Fact: Morgan has super powers, and is a mother of FIVE!
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Chris Cobb, Lead Barber & Owner

Speciality: Classic Fades & Straight Razor Shaves
Unique Fact: MetalHead & Dallas Cowboys Superfan
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Kristina Koch, Advanced Stylist

Specialties: Balayage, Sun-kissed, and Natural Looks
Unique Fact: Momma to the cutest English Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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Hannah Birdsall, Stylist

Specialty: Balayage, Natural Sun-kissed Hair
Unique Fact: Loves to roller skate
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Emily Cummings, Stylist

Speciality: Sun Kissed Balayage & Textured Cuts
Unique Fact: Big fan of 80’s Music & Tacos
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Jillian, Salon Coordinator

Speciality: The glue that holds everyone together
Unique Fact: Laughs at inappropriate moments
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Aaron Snow, Owner & Marketing/Finance

Speciality: The “Money Man”
Unique Fact: Forgets his own hair appointments
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