Aaron Snow, Owner & Marketing/Finance

Aaron is an owning partner and the “behind the scenes guy” at Jackalope. No, he does not “do hair”, other than his own, of course…when Morgan’s not around…

Married to Morgan for a decade, Aaron became knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of the salon world. Early on he realized he could combine his wife’s talent with his love for business creating quite the dynamic duo.

Morgan and Meghan had been working as independent stylists for years. Aaron knew there could be more & thought, “If we started our own salon, we could build a healthy culture, bring other stylists on, and replicate Meghan and Morgan’s talent.”

Owning a business was not new to Aaron. He grew up with parents who were entrepreneurs and had assisted in the family business for many years. He received his business management degree from UTA and started a non-profit, where he served as director for 5 years. His jobs following allowed him to learn directly from CEO’s & successful small business owners, equipping him to handle what it takes to run a business responsibly.

Fast forward, Aaron knew the apprenticeship program was integral to the success of Jackalope. “I get inspired seeing young stylists starting their careers that we propel through the program. They are able to be more successful earlier on in their career while in a healthy environment.”

Aaron helps cultivate the unique salon culture at Jackalope. “We empower everyone because we want everyone to have ownership. Because we offer flexible scheduling, pay well, don’t micro-manage, and keep the drama out our stylists are positive and upbeat. This makes for a highly enjoyable experience for our clientele, and the entire team.”

Aaron loves the outdoors and is required to pre-book his cuts in the same manner as everyone else because he is known to forget his appointments.